Nicotine showing potential to help fight COVID-19

Nicotine showing potential to help fight COVID-19

As I have written in my last blog I am firmly a believer that this whole pandemic is bad karma for the way the word treats vaping in their pursuit of blissful ignorance. We know Propylene Glycol (PG) was tested on mice as a preventative measure as early as 1918 during the spanish flu.

However new research posted in the Science Direct Journals Konstantinos Farsalinos and books speaks to the function of nicotine as an active player preventing the more lethal attributes of the COVID-19 symptoms from manifesting.

To quote Section 4 of his study:

China was the first country to be affected by the pandemic and has a high smoking prevalence. In 2018, the population smoking prevalence was 26.6 % with a much higher prevalence in men (50.5 %) than in women (2.1 %) [34]. Therefore, a high smoking prevalence among patients with COVID-19 would be expected, even if smoking did not adversely affect disease susceptibility and severity.

On 23 March, a preliminary analysis by some members of our group examined data from 5 case series of hospitalized COVID-19 patients from China, and calculated a smoking prevalence of 10.2 % (95 % CI: 8.7–11.8 %) while the estimated expected prevalence was 31.3 % (95 % CI: 8.7–11.8 %) [35]. The analysis was further expanded on 3 April by examining 13 Chinese studies and 5960 hospitalized COVID-19 patients, with a pooled smoking prevalence of 6.5 % (95 % CI: 4.9–8.2 %) [36]. On that date, we presented for the first time a hypothesis about the potential beneficial effects of nicotine, which was subsequently expanded [37]. While there were limitations in the study analysis, mainly due to the inability to adjust for confounding factors, the findings of low smoking prevalence among hospitalized COVID-19 patients in China were consistent across all studies and in agreement with case series from USA [38,39]. The original hypothesis was based on the anti-inflammatory properties of nicotine through the cholinergic anti-inflammatory system, acknowledging that the disease appeared to involve a dysregulation of the immune response to viral invasion.

How many would be Vapers will die still smoking thanks to the press?

Sadly the news can’t seem to find the value in honesty when it comes to their behavior. Having had correspondance with tier Ombudsman I can tell you he sounds lore like a defence attorney then a watch dog for the people. But then again he is employed by them directly so, can we really expect anything less?

With 2 possible ingredients that could help protect you from COVID-19 attributable to vaping you have to ask: why are we being told nothing by the media? They are still towing the fear narrative likening vaping to s slightly new way to smoke. This coming from the CBC whom we trust to provide us information that isn’t tailored towards a specific outcome like private news media.

Donald Trump is right!

When he speaks about fake news he may be referencing that term for his own gain but at the end of the day the media themselves stopped behaving like a public defender with a duty to bring the truth to the people. But even worse is we let them. We allowed them to manipulate a news cast in to a reality show starring the Anchor person, who is always a usually very well put together human being, who reads words displayed on a teleprompter located just below the camera so that it looks like they are talking directly to you with something they themselves believe.

THe public trust has always had to fight corruption and the media was the best tool in which to do so. Sadly the corruption has evidently been commercialized through the economic strains and forced the hand of some surely well meaning journalists.

I hope our industry can survive COVID and I hope there’s enough strength to endure the relentless pressure bought and paid for to shut us down.

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